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LES RUINES CIRCULAIRES - Orianne Ciantar Olive


LES RUINES CIRCULAIRES - Orianne Ciantar Olive

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  • A photobook by Orianne Ciantar Olive

    Somewhere between a metaphysical journey and a documentary account, Orianne Ciantar Olive traces the thread of disaster back to its origins, to the Kfar Kila separation wall, subjecting herself to the laws of politics, chance and poetic accidents.
    The Circular Ruins takes us to a contemporary South Lebanon. It tackles the issues of violence, occupation and forced exile that run through the territory in cycles. The reversal of names, fictitious identities, reversed films and solarizations are all used to reveal another side of the history. This body of work is a sensitive approach to the disaster at work.


    Languages: French - English

    138 pages - 74 photographs 

    Format: 16 x 24 cm

    Binding : metal spiral

    Print run of 1000 copies

    ISBN : 978-2-9576132-2-9

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